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Honey Glazed Ham: This Mouth Watering Honey Glazed Ham is Cooked by Dayna Avent to Perfection. It will satisfy anyone's taste buds. We'll let you be the judge.

Turkey Fried: This Tantilizing Turkey is full of savorying juices that could only be captured by the art of frying. Treat your tasteful senses to this delightful materpiece. Hot and Spicy. Garlic and Butter. Teriyaki and Cajun flavors availible upon request.  

Roast Beef: Cooked slow so that each and every herb and seasoning becomes one with this tender meat. Your guests will talk about this forever.


Spaghetti: We only make the Spaghetti one way. JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!! Delicious

Lasagna: Our luscious Lasagna rewards you with a gratifying and heavenly burst of herb and spices with each bite. This particular treat is availible in beef, chicken, and vegetarian.

Chicken: BBQ, Teryaki, Honey BBQ, Homestyle Fried

BBQ Chicken: Our BBQ is cooked with a family recipe that tops all others. To say that it is flavourable would undermine the great savouriness that you will experience as each and every craving is satisfied.


Southern Fried Chicken

Honey BBQ Chicken

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